Friday, July 1, 2011

Babies in Bangladesh

"There are some things that are just hard to put into words. Even though we live in this impoverished nation of Bangladesh, we are still shielded from some of the everyday tribulations of life of most of the 150 million-plus people. I was talking with my sweet Bengali house helper one day about how God values life and how He forms us and knows us each by name. She then went on to tell me how she recently saw a newborn baby on a trash heap, still alive. She was walking over a bridge with her husband and looked down to see a wiggly newborn lying in filth and human waste. Someone had thrown this precious child away. Her husband had sympathy on the baby and wanted to take it, but she convinced him that they could not afford another baby, and so they walked on. She then told of another time when she walked by a crying baby in a bag on the street. She said it was a beautiful baby but no one would take another child to raise, and so it remained in a tossed-out bag, passed by hundreds, as the whimpers grew silent. Please pray for the salvation of this nation. Ask God to bring hope to those living in desperation. Give praise to our God, who sees each life and loves each one. He is the light for this darkness"